Thoughts on Occupying

Thoughts on Occupying by Emery Way 10-31-2011   For the past number of days we have stood in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world holding plaza’s, parks and financial centers in the name of true democracy and true freedom. What started on wall street on the 17th of September has evolved into a carrion [...]


November National Teach-Ins

November National Teach-Ins by Tracy Phillips Passive listening is what most educators and the media trains us to do. Active listening is what is required to solve problems. The establishment depends upon Americans to remain passive in every aspect. Passively vote, passively listen, passively obey orders etc. This passive, docile, apathetic behavior is learned and then [...]


Abolish Corporate Person Hood

Abolish Corporate Person Hood by Tracy Phillips 11-7-2011 The founding fathers thought it best to restrict democracy as a means to protect the wealthy ruling property owners from the tyranny of the majority. However, there is another way to protect from both threats of majority and minority tyranny rule, and that is done by restricting inequality. [...]


America’s Official Policy on Torture Restored to its Rightful Place

America’s Official Policy on Torture Restored to its Rightful Place by Stuart Davies 11-22-2011 During a recent Republican debate, candidates Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann both defended waterboarding as a tactic, with Cain calling it an “enhanced interrogation technique” and Bachmann saying she thought it has been “effective” Subsequent to this debate, President Obama was asked [...]


Homelessness and Occupy

Homelessness and Occupy By Joanna Niemann, Alpha Lo and Hans Schoenburg 12-1-2011 One of the most extraordinary achievements of the Occupy movement is the integration of homeless people into its workings. Exemplifying openness and cooperation, the Occupy camps give everyone a chance. Unlike in our ‘modern’ economy, here all are welcome to participate and contribute. While the Occupy [...]


Certiorari opposition? Rogue Valley Conflict of Interest with Gordon v. Sansone et al (2011)

Certiorari opposition? Rogue Valley Conflict of Interest with Gordon v. Sansone et al (2011) by Tony Sanders 12-2-2011   Dear RGSC: I leave it to RGSC lawyers to contact the SOACLU lawyers and not get back to me again until Hospitals & Asylums and Occupy are mentioned in the judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court, unless [...]


Taking the Big Banks to Task

Taking the Big Banks to Task by Robbie Lindauer 12-2-2011 Why Big Banks? They’ve used this advantage to become primary holders of almost every major publicly traded corporation worldwide and many, many privately held corporations, and they’ve done this at the expense of the American Tax Payer, especially the Middle Class and the Poor. Their symbiotic [...]


Occupy Wall Street, A Brave New Story

Occupy Wall Street, A Brave New Story by Jerry Nutter 12-02-2011   In 2007, the near financial meltdown sent seismic shock waves through our country, awakening most of us to a new reality, where the middle class discovered how the term “hollowed out” applied to their changing circumstances. What we have all learned in the intervening [...]


My Letter to Tidings

My letter to Tidings by Dot Fisher-Smith 12-5-2011   To the editor: For what it’s worth, not surprisingly, my view of labor unions and the OCCUPY movement could only be more distant from Lachlan Markay’s (Commentary Nov. 28, headlined Occupy Wall St becoming just another labor protest) if we lived on separate planets. Perhaps we do. [...]


Reasons to Reconsider City of Ashland’s use of Bank of America

Reconsider Ashland’s use of Bank of America by Andy Seles. Copied from Ashland Daily Tidings. 12-16-2011   As the Occupy Movement rolls on from city to city and port to port, one of its consistent focuses has been on the malfeasances of the “too big to fail banks.” In this regard Bank of America deserves special attention. In [...]